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About Me & My Little Business

Frequency Asked Questions



Me and one of my feline gal pals.


So, I worked as a dog walker, using Rover, for about a year and a half. Then, slowly but surely, I switched over to doing it on my own. 


I'm definitely not a natural-born businessperson - some of my clients can attest to me feeling absurdly guilty for increasing a service price or reminding them of an invoice balance - but I love what I do and how I do it.


The job is not flashy or fast-paced, but more behind-the-scenes and personal. I get to be an animal caretaker and companion, a friend of the family and a person someone can call in an emergency. It's a lot more than picking up poop. It really is!

How did I start?

In 2018, I started walking dogs (and checking in on cats) with the mobile app, Rover. I was a university graduate of biology who had done a slew of jobs that had deadened by soul completely, and knew I needed a change.

A good friend of mine knew someone working for Rover, and suggested I do that. I had always loved being around animals, and had actually spent a few years as a farm hand for a miniature donkey farm nearby. Yes, you indeed read that right.  


Some Things That I Am Not:

(I figure it's always best to be up-front)

1. A dog trainer. 

I do not and will not claim to be some kind of dog behaviour master/pet whisperer/Knower Of All Things.


I do read up on animal behaviours, training theories and ideas, human/non-human relationship studies, animal care products, etc., etc., etc., because these are pertinent to my day-to-day life. I'm fascinated by how we live alongside our non-human creatures, and what we've done wrong and right by them. I'm always perpetually intrigued by wildlife, human nature and, you know, life in general. 

I try to stay knowledgeable, observant and will always ask questions. I make sure to communicate daily with pet guardians and try to always implement tactics for making walks and hangouts the most fun, beneficial and safe for the animals (and myself) as I can. 

And there's always more to learn. Always! I know to admit it and be transparent when I've made a mistake.

2. A group dog walker. 

I've never wanted to take a handful of dogs out at the same time. It's just not what I'm about! I know that some walkers do this and I'm thankful that those options are out there for pet parents. 

I know, off the top of my head, some dogs who would get along splendidly together, and I might occasionally set up these couplings. But I also know that things can happen - and the more dogs, the more leashes. The more leashes, the more variables (read: things I can trip and fall over). For now, it suits me best to do individual walks.

3. A marketing maven or advertising genius. 

Like I already mentioned, I'm not a natural business mind. I believe in being good to clients and doing the best I can for their animals. The marketing stuff isn't top of the list for me. I know this is hard for some entrepreneurs to hear.

As such, word-of-mouth is a major part of how I can do what I do. I also have a little Google Business listing, hooray! If you are reading this and are already a client (one who likes me, preferably), spreading the good word to other pet parents or writing a review on Google is always appreciated. 

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